Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can you return my finished


We take pride in our swift turnaround times, and deliver your completed
projects as quickly as possible. Let us know when you need it done!

Does A.D.S. use the latest technology?

Absolutely! We stay abreast of the newest technological changes -- and can
transcribe from any audio file format, including: MP3, wav, Olympus DSS
and Real Audio, WMA, CDA, etc. As for media, we can take audio tapes,
CDs, DVDs, email attachments, and FTP.

Can you deliver the format I need?

From a paper transcript to CD or email attachment in a wide range of
formats, ADS delivers exactly what you need.

Can I get a quotation for my project?Rates

Of course. Before beginning any project, we give you both a range and
overall dollar estimate.

How do you keep your transcription costs so

reasonably priced?

Through experience and efficiency. Our team of transcribers is highly
qualified in speed, accuracy and intelligence.

How do you maintain such a high level of

consistently accurate transcripts?

By matching each project with the transcriber best qualified for that
particular specialty. Our clients' expertise spans many different fields;
we therefore recruit transcribers with wide ranges of knowledge, and train them
to take advantage of all available resources to generate transcripts that are
as accurate as possible. Our staff is well-versed in current events.

Can you transcribe video recordings of our


Of course. We can work directly from DVDs or by separating the audio
portion of video files, which allows us to make transcriptions of them just as
efficiently as any other file format.